Investment Banking

Client service and deal execution are the top priorities at the Dalmore Group. When we engage client companies, we view ourselves as partners with management and owners, and seek to understand our clients’ critical business processes and financial goals, so that we may provide the most comprehensive services possible.

Our banking professionals come from a variety of industries and bring a depth of real industry experience as operators, entrepreneurs and service professionals. Our professionals offer banking services to our clients in two key categories: investment banking and corporate advisory services.

Corporate Finance

The Dalmore Group structures and raises private financing of debt and equity for:

  • Companies in need of capital for growth

  • Leveraged acquisitions and leveraged recapitalizations.

  • Companies seeking to refinance existing debt

The Dalmore Group maintains active relationships with a wide range of institutional investors, including major venture capital and private equity investment funds, foreign investors seeking investments in the U.S., regional and money-center commercial banks, insurance companies, pension funds, family offices, Ultra-High Net Worth individuals and companies seeking joint ventures. These sources provide capital ranging from equity and equity-linked instruments, to subordinated and senior debt, to lease financing and off-balance sheet financing.

Our experience with these firms and understanding of their investment objectives, areas of interest and transaction processes often enable us to deliver multiple financing alternatives to our clients on attractive terms. Our bankers have experience with transactions that have ranged from as small as $5 million to over $1 billion.

The Dalmore Group is able to assess all potential capital options, as depicted below, to determine a client’s optimal capital structure based on a thorough understanding of the company and the financial instruments available.

Types Of Capital


  • Common Equity

  • Convertible Preferred Equity

  • Redeemable Preferred Equity

  • Options, Warrants & Other Derivatives

Subordinated Debt

  • Convertible
  • Non-Convertible

Senior Debt (Asset & Cash Flow Based)

  • Lines of Credit

  • Unsecured Senior Debt

  • Secured Senior Debt

Sources Of Capital


  • Private Equity Groups

  • Venture Capital Firms

  • Corporations

  • Individuals

Subordinated Debt

  • Banks

  • Specialty Finance Companies

  • Mezzanine Funds

  • Select Private Equity Groups

  • Pension Funds

  • Insurance Companies

Senior Debt (Asset & Cash Flow Based)

  • Banks

  • Specialty Finance Companies

  • Pension Funds

  • Insurance Companies

Key Elements Of The Private Capital Placement Process

Dalmore's Services

Corporate Advisory

The Dalmore Group advises and consults with senior management teams and boards of directors in a variety of corporate finance matters that do not directly relate to the raising of capital. These matters typically involve more strategic and on-point advice, to help management execute on the near-term and long-term business plans as they relate to the financial areas of their businesses.

Experience. Insight. Efficiency.

Specialized Services

On a project or retained basis, we advise clients within the following areas:

And, through developed relationships with other professional service providers, we work with major national law firms and accounting firms to provide necessary supplementary help to our clients with complex legal and accounting needs, in order to help them address complex transactional, tax, regulatory or litigation matters.